Upper Abdomen

Blood supply

 Gall Bladder under liver on the visceral surface. Stores bile until needed

Liver T9-10 to L1-2, protected for the most part by ribs

Spleen levels T9-12, on the left side, tail of the pancreas is nestled in the hilus of the spleen

Receives vasculature from the Splenic artery

Pancreas retroperitoneal, head, nestled in the C shaped duodenum, body, behind the stomach, and tail, nestled in the hilus of the spleen. The head (~L2) is lower (more towards the feet) that then tail (~T11).

Stomach gets vasculature from all three branches of the Celiac trunk; left gastric, splenic (short gastrics and left gastroepiploic), and Hepatic (right gastric, right gastroepiploic).

Duodenum 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts are retroperitoneal (fixed to the posterior wall)