Neoplasms of Bone and Cartilage

Osteochondroma – exostosis

Chondromas – benign tumors of hyaline cartilage

Chondrosarcoma group of tumors who all have the common feature of producing neoplastic cartilage



Ceases to grow in adulthood

Growing lesion



Well defined border

Poorly defined margin

Regular ring like mineralization

Irregular mineralization, poorly defined area

No cortical destruction, thickening

Cortical thickening or erosion

Ewings Sarcoma – a primary malignant small cell tumor of bone

Osteosarcoma – malignant mesenchymal (stromal) tumor in which the cancerous cells produce bone matrix

Metastatic Bone Disease: Most common form of skeletal malignancy (osteosarcoma is most common primary cancer)